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  • Why would I purchase a First Aid Pod?
    Have you ever found yourself in a situation in your business, club or school where someone required immediate medical attention? Did you know what to do? Without appropriate first aid training, it can be difficult to know where to start. The First Aid Pod is perfect for you to provide privacy & shelter for your team or customers, medical guidance to your first aid responders and visibility to emergency services in a busy environment.
  • When should we use it?
    The First Aid Pod should be deployed when a medical event requires privacy & shelter for the patient, guidance for the first aider and visibility to Emergency services. Once Emergency services arrive please follow their instructions and remove the First Aid Pod if advised to do so.
  • What size is it?
    The deployed First Aid Pod is: 2000mm wide x 1200mm deep x 1300mm high
  • Why is it red?
    The First Aid Pod is red to assist first aid responders and emergency services to easily and quickly locate the patient.
  • Why doesn’t it have a floor?
    The First Aid Pod is floorless so it can be easily placed over or around the patient. Medical professionals recommend that in most cases the patient isn’t moved to prevent additional injury.
  • What is DRSABCD?
    The First Aid Pod is here to guide you with easy to follow, basic life support procedures known as DRSABCD which is clearly printed in word and pictograph form on the inside of the First Aid Pod, as well as on the outside of the carry bag. This gives guidance to those assisting and is easy to follow with or without any first aid knowledge.
  • Can it be used outside?
    Absolutely, the First Aid Pod is water resistant and U.V. resistant. Pegs are included to help secure the Pod in an outdoor situation.
  • How many should my business, club or school have?"
    Depending on the size of your enterprise, several First Aid Pods may be required to ensure that they can be retrieved quickly.
  • Where should we put it in our business, club or school?"
    The First Aid Pod is best located in a prominent public area, ideally located with your First Aid Kit and Defibrillator.
  • What does it come with?
    The First Aid Pod comes with a CPF face shield, a Survival Blanket, a Carry Bag and Ground Pegs for securing in the outdoors.
  • Is it reusable & how do I fold it up?
    The First Aid Pod easily folds back into the provided carry bag for future use. Directions are attached to the inside of the carry bag and a video is also available on our website
  • Can the Pod be cleaned?
    Yes, the First Aid Pod can be wiped down with a soft cloth and a mild detergent. Due to the nature of use of the First Aid Pod, we recommend replacing the Pod if it gets soiled with any bodily fluids.
  • How do I dry the Pod if it becomes wet?
    We recommend that you fully deploy the First Aid Pod in an open environment and allow it to air dry.
  • How long does delivery take?
    The First Aid Pod can be delivered from our warehouse to most New Zealand destinations within 3-5 business days.
  • I live outside New Zealand, how do I purchase a Pod?"
    Please make contact with us in the enquiry section of our website and we can arrange shipment to your location.
  • Who do I contact to buy multiple Pods?
    First Aid Pods can be purchased in any quantity from our website or you can also contact us in the enquiry section on our website.
  • Does the Pod come with a warranty?
    The First Aid Pod purchased directly from our website or any of our approved distributors have a 180 day warranty against any Manufacturer defects or damage in transit. This warranty does not apply to any defect, failure, or damage caused by improper use such as folding and storage, or improper or inadequate maintenance and care. Items NOT covered under warranty include but are not limited to: · Damage caused by improper deployment or folding up of the First Aid Pod · Damage caused by improper storage · Damage caused by heaters or open flames For warranty claims contact us in the enquiry section on our website
  • How do I become a Distributor for First Aid Pods?
    Please make contact with us in the enquiry section of our website
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