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First Aid Pod, first aid, privacy screen

Introducing the First Aid Pod - the innovative solution to a common problem that Tony, Braedan & Craig faced while working in retail.


They realised that during medical emergencies, it's crucial to provide privacy, shelter, and a contained area to avoid flustered responses and provide prompt first aid.


That's why they designed the First Aid Pod to make medical emergencies more manageable and less stressful. With this product, you can ensure that your workplace is prepared for any unexpected situations, and your team can respond with confidence and professionalism



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Provide privacy from onlookers

Amanda Geddes, Duty Manager: “We had a woman collapse while shopping right in front of me, it provided a great amount of privacy for her as she was vomiting after she had collapsed and kept customers away from the area. Was a great help for myself and the customer in this stressful situation.”

Privacy Screen

Product Features

  • UV resistant and waterproof to provide shelter for the patient

  • The First Aid Pod comes with a survival blanket, cpr face shield & carry bag 

  • Floor less, so it can be placed over, beside or around the patient

  • DRSABCD is printed inside the pod and on the bag to assist first aid response

  • Reusable 

  • Ground pegs are provided to assist in securing on outdoor surfaces

  • Can be used to block areas to assist in ensuring the patient's privacy from onlookers

  • Complementary product for an AED ( Defibrillator)

  • Deployment is quick and easy with its instant pop up design


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first aid pod, first aid, first aid privacy screen, privacy screen
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